Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm a skeptic. Weight loss pills don't work. So what's the deal with Fat Burn supplements?

ONE ON ONE 247 believe  dietary support can be very effective in assisting the weight reduction process for many people.  

Our stance is very clear: the goal of including a supplement or drug into a weight loss program is to assist the participant in complying with the necessary eating and moving guidelines that lead to weight reduction.

There are two functions dietary supplements try to complete as they relate to weight or fat loss: 1) increase the caloric deficit by helping the body burn calories so you don't have to continually increase work to lose the weight that might otherwise cause you to give up. For example, to lose 1 LB per week you need to eat 500 fewer calories per day than you burn. Let's say when you're not taking the supplement you burn 2000 calories per day, meaning you can consume 1500 per day to stay on goal. Including the supplement you might now burn 2250 per day because of the product's thermo genic (or calorie wasting) properties and its ability to drive you to increase your daily activities i.e. move more. As long as you continue to consume 1500 calories per day, you will now lose 1.5LBS/week.

2) The second purpose a dietary supplement may accomplish is lessening the participant's drive to eat, making compliance to the 1500 calories of food per day easier for the dieter, thus allowing steady progress. The number one reason people fall off diets is that their appetites increase in order to force them to recover the weight lost - the body prefers to gain weight, not lose it.

Now what occurs when you stop taking a dietary supplement? ONE ON ONE 247 recommends you use supplements when you need a little help (and most of us do at some point), and that you stop when you reach your goal or you feel you have your lifestyle & appetite under control. 

In summary, the main goal of dietary supplements during weight loss is to assist you in compliance while you tackle the real problem, i.e. crafting the necessary lifestyle to achieve and maintain fitness. Discontinuing the use of the supplement should not affect your results because you get to eat more once you reach your goal. Therefore, staying with the same example above, you can now consume 2000 calories instead of the 1500 because you do not need to lose more weight. The extra 500 calories is a lot food and should help satisfy your appetite, and your new body should keep you motivated.

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