Wednesday, June 28, 2017

We’ve taken time away from blogs, but now that Summer is here, we are back! We’re bringing you a pertinent blog for the next 3 months ahead. We call it summer paradise!
While we sleep, our bodies make use of that time to heal itself. The most work on our bodies is done at night from cell regeneration to tissue repair. We wake up with cleaner eyes and dirt removed from them formed by “sleepys” in the corners of our eyes. However, just because it’s summer, doesn’t mean waste away your time! Wake up early while it’s cool out and stretch your legs—even if it’s just a quick walk around the block. Ten minutes walking around your community first thing in the morning will do your body wonders. Circulation will increase and get your blood flowing to all your extremities.
Don’t be afraid to work late when it’s cooler at night either. Make time for your body when you sleep and still make time for your goals when you are aware before the rest of the world. Maintaining balance is very important and it’s a measure of success. A balanced lifestyle is what many successful people describe as their daily focus.
Because Summer is the perfect time to take control of your health, make the most of it! Soak up the right amount of Vitamin D and cover your body when you’re outside with the proper amounts of sunscreen. Don’t apply just once, but continually reapply as needed. With the warm weather, coastal beaches, community pools and many other outdoor sports, getting fit and staying healthy can also be fun.
One On One 247 and GoiMRS2000 is here to share some tips and tricks for summer happiness and summer health. Of course, these extend past you to your entire family. Be sure to share the love with your loved ones as we enter summer 2017!
Watch Everything You Eat!
Traditionally, Summer is a time to pig-out with community barbecues, drink alcohol and neglect the vegetables. Don’t forget the sweets, either! There’s something that everyone has a weakness for, even if it’s not sweets. With the heat, the last thing a lot of us want to do is exercise. Summer is a time for lounging around and relaxing, rather than being up and moving! However, if you’re not careful, you may fall into some unhealthy habits this summer. Bad habits exhibited for three months means at least making up for them over the next six months and we don’t want that to happen to you!
Try substitutions instead. Drink filtered water rather than soda and other sugar-filled juices. Lemonade from the local 7-11, sweet tea from the drive-through and fruit punch next to the grill are summer staples still all loaded with sugar.
Drinking water is important part of health year-round. A lot of us forget that we need more water in the summer to counterbalance the heat. A good rule of thumb for summer when it comes to water is to bring double the amount of water you normally would. If you want to push it one step farther, add lemon slices to your water to alkalize your water. Bring your body up to a healthier pH balance!
Our staff prepares a pitcher of lemon water every morning. We hit the kitchen jug several times throughout the day. Just because we’re in the office working, doesn’t mean we’re stuck there. We get out and stretch our legs too. When we’re out at a work function, we usually bring the jug with us!
Don’t Forget Self-Discipline!"summer success"
This applies to substitutions that we mentioned earlier and of course goes for food as well. With a plethora of food available on picnic tables, you should still balance out what you place on your plates! Make your plate colorful. Greens and diverse fruits should be added first followed by the main course. Treats are fine to consume in moderation, but we mean a handful of chips, rather than half the bag. (It’s okay, we’ve all been there before too!) Start small with the colors then move onto the treats, if you have room.
Another great tip for summer eating habits can be had for anyone. Whether you are trying to get healthier or stay healthy, try eating smaller meals. Smaller meals keep your body’s energy level steady all day and even speed up your metabolism. For many people, the difference between being healthy vs. overweight can be reduced down to a few extra hundred calories a day. Believe it or not, more meals will speed up your metabolism and you’ll burn stored fat over time. We recommend trying out a smaller and more frequent meal planner four weeks. Weigh yourself weekly, but most importantly, maintain your consistency. Stay disciplined!
Schedule Time For Exercise
One of the best ways to be healthy in summer is to exercise outdoors. There’s plenty of activities to do in the summer that can double as exercise: kayaking, hiking, water sports—even walking on the beach. Exercising should never be a chore, but something you enjoy doing. If you’re having trouble finding an exercise, don’t worry. There are plenty of outdoor activities that burn calories and also take place of traditional exercising.
Swimming is one of those double-whammies. Stay cool and healthy at the same place, at the same time.
If you have kids, be sure to include them. Getting them started on healthy habits while young will set them up for success from an early age. This way, they’ll be more in-tune to exercising their bodies and minds as opposed to their fingers on the iPads.
Regardless of exercising, be sure to be smart about your timing! The sun is strongest between 10am and 2pm. After 2pm, the UVA and UVB rays are still present, even with overcast skies. Stay covered up while in the sun and, if possible, exercise during the morning or later in the evenings.