Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Are there specific vitamin needs for women in the menopausal stage, and are there menopausal-specific vitamins you can recommend?

          There are specific vitamin needs for all women and it fluctuations with age, which is why usana now has a my health pak based on gender, age and level of activity.             When it comes to treating menopause with vitamins, there is a "blurred line" between drug action (high doses of specific vitamins to treat a symptom) and the use of a "standard vitamin & mineral formula" as a dietary supplement. The supplement serves the purpose of completing the daily diet, thus potentially staving off certain preventable diseases. Please see the following clinical note on the subject.

Clinical note: Scientific evidence is lacking in the efficacy of over-the-counter substances including specific vitamins for relieving menopausal symptoms. Some of the common compounds that are purported to help alleviate symptoms of menopause are soy isoflavones, black cohosh and Vitamin E. Most of the scientific research is mixed. In other words, studies have shown both positive and negative outcomes. There are certain substances that are not recommended for menopausal symptoms. They are topical progesterone, Dong quai , evening primrose oil, ginseng, licorice, Chinese herb mixtures, or magnet therapy. In some cases, side effects can be severe.

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