Thursday, September 1, 2011

How do body fluids affect my weight?

   As an example, weigh yourself, step off the scale, drink 16oz (1lb) of water, and then step back on. See what's happening? The point is that most foods and fluids are made up of predominantly water.  After your body absorbs the calories and nutrients that were part of the food or fluids, you will ultimately eliminate the unneeded water. Until then, you have the worthless weight in you.
    Everyday weight can vary slightly based on the type of foods/fluids you consume, and sometimes by up to 2% of your total current “real” weight in either direction. To avoid this issue, weigh yourself once a week in the same type of clothing, time of day, scale & continue the same personal (including bowel) habits leading up to the weigh-in. Bottom line is that if you are truly losing fat, your weight will be trending down – you can only blame it on water at a single weigh-in – 7days later, if your weight is not down from the weight you were 14 days ago – you’re cheating. One way to fix that is with the RESET program  

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